Should I Pay To Check My Credit Score?

Should I Pay To Check My Credit Score?
News from Investopedia:

Should you pay for your credit score? Ideally, no, but the Fair Credit Reporting Act does allow companies to charge you to see your score so in some cases, you might not have a choice.

Credit Score Vs. Credit Report

Don’t confuse the two. Once per year, you can request a copy of each of your credit reports from the major reporting agencies. Simply go to and follow the simple instructions. It’s free and easy. Your credit score is a numerical representation of your credit report. The higher your credit score, the better your credit report.

One Score Matters

Other companies market their own version of a credit score, but only one score matters: your

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Getting Divorced? Do Not Ignore Your Credit Score (and How to Rebuild it if …
News from Forbes:

Credit scores are one of the most critical finances pieces of recovering financially from a divorce. Credit scores are also one of the most overlooked pieces of post-divorce, as I’ve found by communicating with thousands of followers of my blog, I reached out to Gerri Detweiler, director of consumer education for, and author of the free ebook Debt Collection Answers: How to Use Debt Collection Laws to Protect Your Rights for tips on navigating this important reality of life.

How big of a problem are credit scores for people facing divorce?

Your credit scores can take a big hit when you divorce, usually for one of three reasons: One, your income may drop and/or your expenses may increase since you are no longer splitting them with a spouse. This may mean it’s harder to keep up with bills. The second is that most couples have at least one joint account when they split. If the debt isn’t paid off right away it will usually end up being the responsibility of one spouse, and if he…………… continues on Forbes

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